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Stars who said they don't get recognized in public

Jan 10, 2017

Most often, dedicated K-Pop fans will be able to spot a beloved celebrity from miles away, but it seems like this isn't always the case for the general public! Celebrities have admitted multiple times that they aren't always recognized when they're out and about, which certainly could be comfortable when hitting the streets. Check out which celebs claim they're not recognzied in public!

1. Seolhyun

She says she likes to take public transportation and visit cafes… So basically she could be standing right next to her famous cutout and people won't even notice…? They be like, "Oh hey, that girl looks just like that cutout of Seolhyun, hah, imagine that," and walk on by?

2. Kim Woo-bin

He said that when people do look at him, they assume he's a professional athlete. Not even a model!

3. Han Hyo-joo

Lee Jong-suk would notice, Han Hyo-joo. Believe in him.

4. Park Bo-gum

Like Seolhyun, Park Bo-gum says he often likes to take public transportation to get around, so this is probably useful for him!

5. Hara

She relayed concerns about appearing on a show because she admitted that people wouldn't recognize her out in public sometimes.

6. Ye Ji-won

Another star who likes to take public transportation!

7. Jihyun

She said she is not recognized outside when she doesn't wear makeup, and also that men often ask for her number without knowing she's a celeb.

8. Kangnam

Says he isn't recognized without his signature blonde bob.

9. Baekhyun

Says people don't recognize him when he's going about barefaced.

10. Min

Says people can't recognize her regardless of whether she is or is not wearing makeup and even though she's been on variety shows, so it's comfortable for her.

11. HyunA

Says she's not recognized until she speaks, then her distinctive voice gives her identity away!



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