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13 of the best female guests on 'Running Man'

Jan 10, 2017

'Running Man' is a very rigorous show with an all-boys' club vibe at times, so it can be hard sometimes for women to make a huge impact. Not everyone can be Song Ji-hyo! But there were still so many guest appearances by some awesome and funny women who have to be remembered and appreciated! Although there are many more who should make the list, see who did indeed make the list, and then feel free to add more in the comment section below!

1. Park Ye-jin

It's always refreshing to see a strong woman guest on 'Running Man,' especially because it's such a physical show and you need a lot of stamina. Some of the female guests are sweet and lovable, but there is no warrior like Park Ye-jin to leave you in awe and in love. Super fun, super tough, and super awesome! She was also sort of like the mother of the cast whenever she appeared.

2. Wang Ji-hye

While everyone was going gaga over the other guest of the episode, Han Ye-seul (who was by her own right a very enjoyable and lovable guest with her endearing quirks), Wang Ji-hye was really the one who blew everyone out of the water. She was both awkward and bold, stirring up a lot of laughter. Her chemistry with close friend Lee Kwang-soo was the best!

3. Ryu Hyun-kyung

Ryu Hyun-kyung was another badass on the show, who's unfortunately been overlooked. She was hilariously so into the game of dodgeball that CL's "Baddest Female" kept playing every time she threw the ball while biting her lip in concentration. Plus, especially for a newcomer, she was a badass at the nametag ripping game!

4. Kim Hee-sun

This beautiful actress proved to be quirky and fun! She worked hard at the games while also amusing you with her tough princess character. Although she was just a guest, and rarely participates in any variety show, she seemed to belong right away like a regular member of the cast! She adopted a character immediately and went with it - and it was an awesome character.

5. Han Ji-min

Everyone knows the elegant and beautiful Han Ji-min from the dramas - but cast aside that goddess image because this girl-next-door was super down-to-earth. She appeared in two episodes, impressing with her easygoing, cheery personality. She always had a contagious smile on her face, and she exhibited a child-like charm in her eager determination to figure out her secret admirer.

6. Ye Ji-won

She was possibly one of the quirkiest guests on the show! Super weird but in a hilarious way, Ye Ji-won was pretty much her character from 'Oh Hae-young Again' in real life - with the random French and singing included. She also has a past with Yoo Jae-suk so their interactions were a delight. She's so weird but in such an awesome, I-love-her kind of way. A shoutout to Kim Seo-hyung who appeared with her in one episode; she was also a delight to have on the show with her awkward charm!


Her kissing Kim Jong-kook.

7. Han Hyo-joo

Han Hyo-joo is many people's favorite female guest member on the show because she appeared for a good amount and had her own catch phrase: "How beautiful!" She was a very good sport and didn't care about her image at all. She could take the teasing from the other members and she got really into the character playing, as well, especially in the King game later on. She was not a particularly strong guest in strength or success, but she definitely left an impression.

8. Han Hye-jin

Another 4-dimensional, strong female guest was Han Hye-jin! She appeared for so many episodes, she might as well be an honorary member of the cast. Super quirky with no filter (in a good way, re: "Was it sexy?"), she also worked hard, even fighting as long as possible against two men who wanted her nametag at one point. She was also always smiling and just a great, bright energy to have on the show - and she wasn't scared of anything, like that super scary bungee jump...

9. Oh Yeon-seo

I honestly just loved her cool attitude about everything. She was the epitome of IDGAF on the show. While you see people be burdened by everything the show has you do or they feel competitive, eager to win, Oh Yeon-seo just went with the guys, saying, "Eh, we don't have to do anything," and I loved it! It was refreshing and she just let them have fun. Oh, and her covering her teammate's mouths during the karaoke challenge - priceless.

10. Shin Se-kyung

The second time she appeared on the show, the actress seemed calmer, saying she got some criticism for her overeagerness in her first guest appearance (which spanned two episodes I believe), but I was like, "Who cares?! You rocked!" Sadly, she was even quieter the third time around. The double standards bothered me because it's not like Ji Jin-hee got much hate for how competitive he was in his appearances - and he was super competitive and quiet in his episodes, barely interacting with the others. Shin Se-kyung was adorable the way she was so into the game. I liked her blunt and awkward humor, as well.

11. IU

I liked IU in the same vein I liked Shin Se-kyung. She put her all into the game - well at least in her first appearance. While both ladies aren't particularly strong, that didn't stop them from trying to use timing and cunning to do as well as they could in the games. IU never missed an opportunity to attack somebody, scaring everyone else. The cast would go, "What's wrong with her?!" and she had her own theme music, too. She slayed in her earlier appearance!

12. Park Bo-young

Although she appeared multiple times, she didn't leave much of an impact because the focus wouldn't be entirely on her (like in the Choi Min-soo episode) or she was surrounded by other people. Still, I thought she was an absolute delight and had to be mentioned! Her huge fangirl heart for the show was apparent every time and she shipped the Monday Couple as much as everyone else! Although cute and girly, she always spoke her mind, surprising everybody and making everyone laugh.

13. Yerin

The G-Friend member was a surprise! The group had not been out for long when she made her appearance on 'Running Man.' Not much was known about her, but she turned out to be the perfect star for variety. She was very cheery despite having Ji Suk-jin as her partner, continuously working with him to jump over the bar when he couldn't throw her over. Her dancing was the highlight of the episode - it was hilarious and everybody was having fun. Also her randomness like screaming during the pool game makes for perfect variety.



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