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(The Legend Of The Blue Sea) Releases Stills Of Lee Min-ho's Emotional Reunion With His Mom

Jan 11, 2017

Who turned on the waterworks?

In newly released stills of 'The Legend Of The Blue Sea' (푸른바다의 전설) on January 10, Heo Joon-jae (Lee Min-ho) finally reunited with his mother through Shim Cheong (Jun Ji-hyun 전지현)'s coincidental actions.

A continuation of episode 15's ending, the pair is overcome with emotions as Lee Min-ho (이민호) stands looking shellshocked and Na Young Hee tearfully embraces her son in the middle of the road.

Excited to finally meet his mother again, Lee Min-ho reportedly later takes her hand as they walk home. Even when they finally arrive and settle down, the mother and son can't help but stare at each other with soft smiles on their faces.

Their meeting is also telling of what's still left to come, especially given Lee Min-ho's current relationship with his stepmother. A source hinted that the two people's tearful reunion is only the beginning, and that they will combine their strengths moving forward.

Refresh your memory of their separation and watch, or binge watch, the drama all over again!



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