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15 Korean Artists And Songs Perfect For Rainy Days

Mar 20, 2017

Ever had a really awful and depressing day? Do you tend to slip on those headphones and drown out the world? If you do, then you must know that the deepest music is the best. If you're fond of those slow and ethereal tunes for rainy days, here are a couple of artists you'll find make the perfect company:

1. Hyukoh

Hyukoh is a band definitely suited for gloomy days. Their chill and soft-spoken tunes will carry you through a long, quiet walk in the rain. Their leader, Oh Hyuk, has a deep and throaty voice that is sure to soothe your soul.

2. Zion. T

Make sure you don't pass up Zion.T. His music is perfect for the slow days when your feet are heavy and it's hard to smile. With his flawless R&B and laid-back moods, you'll be certain to sing along.

3. Sunwoo Jung-A

Sunwoo Jung-A. Can words even express how flawless she is? Sunwoo takes a tender and reverent approach to her music. Her voice is best suited for rainy nights. It may be cold and dark outside, but with her gentle music to keep you company, life is complete.

4. IU

IU is an obvious choice. While her usual style isn't as relaxed as others, she makes up for it with her cheery and childlike lullabies. No matter how gray and rainy it may be, IU's beautifully innocent voice has the power to brighten your smile and lift your steps.

5. Crush

If you're a romantic and you're fond of smoother sounding melodies, Crush is the man for you. His gentle, sugar-coated voice is sure to make you fall head over heels. All it takes is one song. After that, you know it's love.

6. Bolbbalgan4

Bolbbalgan4 has a style that's perfectly suited for cloudy weather. The soft lilt of their tunes will beckon you to experience their emotions. Listening to their music, you'll be sure to move along in rhythm.

7.The Black Skirts

Looking for something a little different? The Black Skirts will be sure to take you back through time. With their low-key vibe and a style straight from the 70s, you'll find yourself falling into a rainy and reminiscent mood.

8. Heize

When it rains, do you ever get that super lonely feeling? Like you could just curl up with a blanket and crawl back into bed? If so, take a moment and listen to Heize. Her voice will slide across your ears, and she'll end up taking you to a universe far different from our own.


With OFFONOFF, you can lay back, close your eyes, and let the rhythm bleed through your bones. The more relaxed you get, the more the music will stir up the feelings within.

10. Jessi

In the mood for hashing out your feelings? Jessi knows how to reflect it all through her music. Her voice is emotional, deep, and extremely powerful. With her, you can rock it out like nobody else.

11. Gary

If you've ever had those awful days where pretty much everything goes wrong, just slip on your headphones and tune into Gary. Not only can his rhythms ease the stress, his lyrics will give you the perfect Band-Aid to a bad day.

12. Loco

If you're stuck inside when it's raining out, Loco's the one you want on your playlist. Feel free to wave around like a lunatic with his lazy beats and easy-going vibes. You know you want to….

13. Dean

Have an obsession with flawlessness? Dean is bound to be your soulmate. Not only can he hit ridiculously high notes, he also adds an edgy growl that is basically the definition of perfection.

14. Babylon

If the rain out there is a little too depressing, pick up the beat with Babylon. That gentle but sexy lilt to his voice will certainly give you a reason to get up and bust out your moves.

15. Park Hyo-shin

Want a man with the a voice of a god? Yes, you know you do. Park Hyo-shin's beautiful ballads will give you all you ask for. His vocal range is sure to capture your soul from the very moment you hear his voice.

Have another artist you save for a rainy day? Let us know in the comments!



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