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April Drama Actor Brand Reputation Rankings Revealed

Apr 16, 2017

The Korea Business Research Institute revealed brand reputation rankings for drama actors based on their findings from 44,815,676 pieces of data gathered about 58 actors who appeared in dramas that aired between March 14 and April 15. 19.56% more pieces of data were found this month compared to last month's 37,482,284.

Continuing their reign over these rankings since March, “Strong Woman Do Bong-soon” stars Park Bo-young and Park Hyung-sik placed first and second respectively. Park Bo-young's score, 5,859,953, is 3.79% lower than the previous month's, while Park Hyung-sik's score rose 26.63% to 5,108,435. Third place went to Jang Hee-jin from “You're Too Much” with a score of 4,783,157.

The head of the Korea Business Research Institute explained, “Park Hyung-sik was linked with words 'evolve,' 'look forward to,' and 'attractive,' while related keywords were 'Strong Woman Do Bong-soon,' 'Park Bo-young,' and 'Im Si-wan.' He was found to be perceived as 81.54% positive.”

The full rankings can be seen below:

1. Park Bo-young
2. Park Hyung-sik
3. Jang Hee-jin
4. Lee Bo-young
5. Kim Young-chul
6. Lee Sang-yoon
7. Choi Kang-hee
8. Go Ah-sung
9. Ryu soo-young
10. Lee Young-ae
11. Kim Jae-won
12. Yoon Sang-hyun
13. Kwon Sang-woo
14. Yoon Kyun-sang
15. Ko So-young
16. Jo Yeo-jung
17. Kwon Yool
18. Lee Dong-hwi
19. Lee Young-eun
20. Uhm Jung-hwa



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