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“Infinite Challenge” To Air “Produce 101”-Inspired Special

Aug 6, 2017

MBC's “Infinite Challenge” will be working with some famous PDs to create a “Produce 101”-inspired special!

On August 6, a source from “Infinite Challenge” stated, “Jung Joon-ha has been meeting with producers from various shows and broadcasting stations in order to put together the 'Produce 101' special. Producers Na Young-suk and Han Dong-chul were heavily involved in making this happen.”

tvN's Na Young-suk is famous for various series like “Three Meals a Day,” “Youn's Kitchen,” and “New Journey to the West.” Mnet's Han Dong-chul is known for his audition programs like “Show Me The Money” and, of course, “Produce 101.”

Are you looking forward to this special?



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